FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some common customizations?

- Internal inscription e.g. Name, date etc

- External inscriptions e.g. Name, date etc

- Made to size, including half or quarter sizes between 4 - 10 US

- Stone inlay e.g. diamonds, sapphires etc.

Where is it made?

Our manufacturing partner is based in New York, while we are a New Zealand founded company. Your order will be shipped from New Zealand

How long is shipping 

Shipping is FREE for 3-10 working day shippment. If you need something faster leave a message in your order notes for specific date requests.

Can I add diamonds?

Yes. A specialist in our design team will cover your needs to fulfil what you have in mind. This will be at an additional cost which we will go over with you in full detail before we create your ring.


What's the difference between Sterling Silver, White Gold and Platinum?

Sterling silver, though fairly unreactive for a metal, will still fall dull in lustre with time and thus requires pollishing to keep it's shine. 14k Gold is a mix of true gold mixed with alloys to make it white. It's long lasting and robust. Platinum is the strongest and most shiny of the three options. It is highly recommended in the case of an engagement ring if you prefer a silvery-white finish.

Is it solid or plated?

None of our rings are plated metals. All will be solid in the metal you request. Our options are Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, 18k Gold and Platinum - made to last a lifetime The only plated options are some necklace pendants with details in their product descriptions.


How can I know the right size? 

Check our sizing chart here . We can do half / quarter sizes OR to the millimetre on request too.

If you're getting this ring as a surprise feel comfort in knowing you can change sizes. We can either do this if you return to us, or a local jeweler will also be able to adjust the size up or down roughly 2 sizes each way.


Can I exchange if the size isn't right?

Yes, if you have a non-customized World Map Ring we can refund or exchange the ring.
If you have have a customized order we will adjust the sizing +/- 2 sizes from the made size. You can also use your local jeweler.

Can I return it if I don't want it? 

Yes, but only if this is a standard World Map ring. You will receive a full refund. However, we can't return a personalized custom design ring including. This includes engraving, stone inlays, inscriptions or other personal details made to order. Everything is on a case by case situation. So contact us if you have any queries and we will do our best to help!


Is there a mens World Map Ring

The short answer is yes.
The long of this is that we don't actually intend our designs to be gender-bound in any way. In fact, we get purchases for males and females of this ring frequently. Larger sized rings (more common for males) are appropriately upscaled to keep the best strength:size ratio. The map itself is therefore scaled to feature across the top of your finger without details lost, no matter which size you choose.


How long does it take to get my order

In stock items:
ship within 2 days and atke 3-10 working days for international delivery.

Made-to-order requests:
Production 2-3 weeks + shipping

We updateyou throughout your order process.